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 nyx nights own kin

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Nyx Night
Nyx Night

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Name : Nyx
Nickname : None
Age : 16
Gender : female
Birthay : 23/12/

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Nyx is very friendly , but can be shy . If you make an effort to say hi , nyx will allways be very friendly back , She can be very determined and strong willed but will stop and listen to reason , She is brave and couragous and allways has a calm around her that makes people calm and nice . She loves to run and is very good hearted she will help out anyone in need and is allways partaken in charity events . Even the normal people who hate werewolfs cant help but feel safe around nyx

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Nyxs parents allways wanted her to get marked and until she did at aged 15 , she was ignored barely eating and surviving Nyx hated her parents for it , but her hatred disappeared when she looked around the world and saw other teenagers suffering much worse , her hatred left her and she tried to please her parents . When marked her parents sent her off to the house of the moon . To be accepted . The head priestess saw that Nyx had power , Nyx could read minds and it was a gift given to her by the godess Nyx . Nyx was thankful for the gift though it was hard to control, Nyx doesnt use the gift much , she doesnt wish to find out secrets .

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Nyx became leader of the moon daughters and is a priestess in training even though she is only at second level and has being at the school for less that a year .

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nyx nights own kin
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